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Our vision is to challenge the problems of today and courageously lead solutions for a better tomorrow.

About Us

Kingsley is an exceptional learning community that offers two instructional pathways designed to advance the learning outcomes for every scholar TK through 5th grade. Our teaching pedagogy is a function of strong collaborating and cycles of inquiry driven by data to meet the students where they are and target their learning needs. Our community is devoted to research-based practices, social-emotional approaches, strong parent involvement and asset-based thinking for students with diverse languages.
Upon enrolling, parents have the option to select the instructional pathway for their child’s elementary career:
The Dual Language Program (English/Spanish) or
The Academic English Program
Since the opening of Kingsley in 2005, our Dual Language Program has distinguished itself as one of LAUSD’s exemplary programs. The high impact instruction is evident in the student achievement gains that outperform the District’s average on a number of data sets. In 2017, Kingsley was invited to present before the Board of Education to showcase its instructional model that continues to transform the achievement gains of linguistically diverse students.
Kingsley has also gained international attention through its partnership with UCLA’s Teacher Education Program. Each year, our campus hosts UCLA Student Teachers who are mentored by Kingsley’s Guiding Teachers. The novice teachers experience teaching and learning practices and curriculum and assessment methods under the guidance of our participating faculty members. In 2017, our school was selected as a demonstration site for visiting Fulbright Scholars from Argentina. During the course of 4 weeks, our school opened its doors to exchange our teaching methods with Argentine educators and the Ministry of Argentina.
Our school continues to study, refine and adapt to the educational landscape.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to advance 21st century education by equipping students with critical thinking bi-literacy skills essential to make an impact in a diverse, multilingual, technologically changing world, while promoting a strong sense of social responsibility.