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Kingsley Elementary is proud to be a member of the prestigious Creative Network Program which brings expert Teachers in their field to deliver a comprehensive arts program to every child. Our partnership with the Creative Network Program embeds high quality arts instruction to every student in all of the four Art disciplines: Visual Arts, Theatre, Music and Dance.

Itinerant Art Teachers conduct three 9 week rotations to integrate the arts across the curriculum. All arts instruction is based on the California Visual and Performing Arts content standards. The instructional guide is the foundation of the elementary arts program, and is used as a guide and framework for discrete and integrated instruction of dance, visual arts, music and theatre. Our commitment to arts education is driven by our focus to deliver a consistent, full scale, equitable arts education that enhances the learning process for every student.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts teacher delivers a comprehensive visual arts program to all grades during three 9 week rotations during the year. The lessons are based on the Elementary Instructional Guide which is organized by grade level with instructional modules in each grade. Each art module has a “big idea” and essential questions that drive the direction of high quality visual arts instruction that is grounded in key standards that are addressed in the final assessment.


Music Education

Vocal music instruction consists of music lessons that are carefully constructed based on the California Arts Standards for Music and the Arts Instructional Guide. The vocal music teacher uses these standards to achieve musical literacy by discovering the expressive elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and composition to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.


Dance Education

Dance is a universal form of expression and communication. It reflects the values, traditions, thoughts, feelings and imaginings of cultures, individuals, and societies. Dance is a celebration of humanity, and the birthright of every human. People have danced since the dawn of time, and have passed down their dance traditions in both formal and informal ways. The Dance teacher provides a rigorous, standards-based dance curriculum to all grades during two 9 week rotations. The lessons that are based on the Elementary Instructional Guide are aligned with our state standards, allowing our students the opportunity to dance, create dances, observe and appreciate dance, and make connections to, with and through dance to the world around them and – ultimately – to themselves.


Orchestra Program

Kingsley’s Orchestra Program is open to students in grades 3-5th grade. Auditions for Orchestra take place the first month of school. Students who are selected to join the orchestra are provided an instrument for the entire academic year. The orchestra is composed of Brass, Strings, and Wind instruments. Our Orchestra Teacher is on campus 1 day a week to deliver differentiated instrumental music instruction. In the Spring, the Kingsley Orchestra showcases their musical talents at the annual Spring Concert.



Our Theatre Arts educator teaches students how to develop and improve creative skills through a variety of theatre experiences and lessons based in the Arts Instructional Guide. In Theatre, we bring stories to life using our Actor’s Tools (Body, Voice, and Imagination), but having classes in Theatre also provides students with opportunities to apply their imaginations in theatre activities to perform with self-confidence, participate collaboratively in an ensemble, and enhance problem-solving abilities. Students take these skills and transform them into skills for life and across multiple curriculums. An itinerant Theatre Arts educator with the Creative Network provides these opportunities through standard-based lessons to all grades.