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School Rules

Kingsley Elementary School has established clear expectations for behavior within the school environment in order to support the learning community. These behaviors fall into the three categories which define Kingsley’s philosophy: Safety, Kindness, Responsibility. Adherence to these expectations contributes to a positive and effective school community in which children are able to succeed and grow. Please refer to the attached chart of specific rules and expectations.

Role of School Stakeholders

Teachers & Staff: All staff at Kingsley Elementary must maintain an unwavering commitment to providing a sound educational community for all learners. This commitment includes both comprehensive and effective lesson planning and instruction, and the establishment of a positive learning environment with clear expectations for student behavior for both the classroom and the school setting. At the start of each school year, teachers are responsible for establishing, with the input of their students, a clear set of positively stated classroom behavior expectations. Further, they are responsible for establishing and consistently applying a set of clear consequences for behaviors –both positive and negative- in the classroom. Teachers are expected to demonstrate regular focus and attention to developing these behaviors in students. They will provide a model of appropriate behavior, as well as provide explicit instruction in the school expectations on a monthly basis utilizing multiple teaching strategies including, but not limited to, role-play and simulation. The entire staff at Kingsley accepts responsibility for guiding the behaviors of ALL children within the school setting. Finally, all staff is expected to communicate in a positive manner with parents and students on a regular basis about student performance and behavior in school, and to document these interactions.

Students: Students at Kingsley Elementary are expected to be familiar with all behavioral expectations, both school-wide and in their respective classrooms. Students must take responsibility for their own learning and their behavioral choices that contribute to their safety and the safety of others. They are expected to abide by these guidelines in all that they do on the school campus in order to create a peaceful and productive learning environment.

Parents: Parents at Kingsley Elementary must be familiar with the school’s expectation for student behavior and related consequences. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive at school each morning in a timely fashion, ready to learn. The school expects parents’ support in reinforcing behavioral expectations, in communicating regularly with their children’s teachers, and in receiving and reading all school related information that is sent home. When consequences for inappropriate student behavior must be implemented at school, parents should follow up at home to be sure the behavior does not reoccur.

Behavioral Expectations
Stay seated until dismissed
Throw all trash away
Leave your table area clean
Use quiet voices and good manners when eating
Keep your hands and feet to yourself
Follow the traffic pattern in the lunch line
Keep food on your plate.
Recycle items in their appropriate bin
Play in appropriate areas
Walk to and from areas
Keep hands and feet to yourself
Show kindness to everyone
Follow the rules of the game
Play fair
When the bell rings, walk to your line and wait quietly
Return the sports equipment to its appropriate place


Flush toilet and wash your hands
One person to a stall
Keep water in the sink
Give people privacy
Keep restrooms clean
Use the restroom and then return to your classroom promptly
Conserve supplies (toilet paper, water, soap)
Walk in the walkways & stairs
Watch for opening doors
Hold the door for people behind you
Go directly to class
Office monitors return to class immediately
Greet staff and use quiet voices
Make sure you have a referral slip
Follow directions
Be a digital citizen by being safe on-line
Be respectful to others In-person and Online
Be ready to learn
Be a digital citizen by using technology responsibly


Recognition of Positive Behavior

  • Student of the month awards
  • Incentives/raffles
  • Letters/notes home to parents
  • Awards/Certificates
  • Class treats, surprises and participation in special activities
  • Student Leadership opportunities

Consequences for Misbehavior

If students choose to break a school rule, consequences/actions will be used:

  • Verbal warning
  • Teacher/Parent conference
  • Classroom detention (after school, during recess/lunch playtime)
  • Phone call and/or note home to parents, or parent conference
  • Administrative phone call and/or note home to parents, or parent conference
  • Continued misbehavior – request that parent sit in class
  • Out of class or out of school suspension

According to LAUSD policy, a student may be expelled from school, regardless of age and/or grade level, if they have a weapon (gun, knife, etc.) in their possession. This applies to all kinds of weapons, including replica and toy weapons. State law now requires us to NOTIFY police if a weapon is brought to school. If a knife blade is 2 ½” or longer, the police MUST be contacted according to State law.

Any student who commits acts of violence or threatening behavior at school may be subject to disciplinary action and/or subject to criminal penalties. Ed. Code 32210. LAUSD implements a “zero-tolerance” policy for threats.